Future 2: How To Get The Revision Zero Unique Pulse Rifle


Along with the Hierarchy of Wants Unique bow and The Manticore Unique SMG, Future 2’s Season of the Seraph brings a brand new Unique pulse rifle known as Revision Zero. Revision Zero’s intrinsic trait makes it robust in opposition to Barrier Champion’s with its shield-piercing ammo. It additionally gathers goal information from precision kills that allows you to briefly swap for a high-damage scope. Finishing The Hidden Form quest steps will provide you with Revision Zero and its weapon sample for shaping it.

First, proceed Season of the Seraph’s Week three questline–called Extra Than A Weapon–and at Step 22 of the hunt, you will need to converse with Elsie Bray on the Holoprojector. Settle for The Hidden Form Unique quest and full the Operation: Seraph’s Protect mission–which you possibly can entry from the H.E.L.M. and is ready at Energy degree 1580 for Regular mode. This mission would not have matchmaking, so you possibly can full it solo.

Operation: Seraph’s Protect Mission Information

As soon as on the facility entrance, keep away from tripmines and head additional into the power. Defeat the Scanner Splicer to get the Scanner Increase, a mechanic that must be acquainted from the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

The Scanner increase reveals which console to hack.

The Scanner increase reveals which console to hack by its yellow-highlighted grid sample. Hack the three consoles on this room to activate the escape pods. As soon as on the Engineering Sector, go to the Augmentation Terminal to take away the Scanner increase to unlock the door. Defeat one other Scanner Splicer and hack the console close by, the one by means of the vent, and the final console by the door. When you’re by means of, use the Augmentation Terminal once more.

Keep in mind, you will encounter the Scanner, Operator, and Suppressor augments. The augments are for particular duties:

  • The Scanner: helps you to hack yellow consoles.
  • The Operator: reveals crimson management panels to shoot at.
  • The Suppressor: has you injury a goal enemy whereas standing beneath blue spherical drones.
  • Augmentation Terminals allow you to swap between augments or unlock doorways.
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Entry the Decontamination Chamber

Within the massive yellow room, seize the Scanner increase from the Splicer Vandal. The primary console is by a pillar close to the doorway. For the following one, undergo the vent that is reverse the pillar–which leads you to a room stuffed with lasers defending the second console. Lastly, use the Terminal to open up one other room. Run up the steps and hack one of many diamond-shaped panels to unlock a vertical room stuffed with turrets.

Entry the Safety Protocol Puzzle Room

Defeat the Splicer Vandal as soon as once more to seize the Scanner. With the Scanner, look into the sq. puzzle room from the highest window to identify the three glowing consoles.

The three glowing consoles are visible through the Scanner augment from the top window.
The three glowing consoles are seen by means of the Scanner increase from the highest window.

Be sure that to hack the consoles from left to proper, which have been: Far again panel on the left facet wall, the leftmost panel on the again wall, and the middle panel on the correct wall. In case your sample seems to be totally different from this picture, then take a screenshot or picture that will help you! The patterns change when operating this mission a number of instances.

The bottom window shows the walkable pattern for the puzzle room.
The underside window reveals the walkable sample for the puzzle room.

The underside window reveals the tile sample that you must stroll on, and stepping onto the mistaken tile of the 7 x 7 grid will burn you up. When you have teammates, somebody might help you navigate the puzzle room, however should you’re operating solo, this information supplies helpful screenshots.

Entry the Officer’s Lounge

This time, seize the Operators increase, which reveals crimson glowing management panels positioned on partitions that unlock doorways. Shoot the management panel within the red-lit part of the room, and proceed to the following space whereas defeating enemies. Then, observe the vent to shoot the second Operator panel. Return to the earlier room, and stroll by means of one other vent to entry an orange room with Hive enemies to shoot the final management panel for this space. The management panel is in a separate room however might be shot at by means of the window opening.

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Haroktha Boss Battle

Make your solution to the cyan room to accumulate the Warsat Management Nexus keycard from the Fallen Safety Officer Captain and enter the battle with Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers. On this deliberately incomplete battle, injury the Hive boss Haroktha till it disappears. Additionally defeat the Hive enemies, three yellow-bar Brigs, and remaining Fallen enemies.

In response to the plan, the Guardian must get captured. While you attain a useless finish, “Give up” weapons and achieve ship entry to the skin of the station. While you attain outer house, fastidiously soar down onto the catwalks and make your solution to the Operator Vandal. Shoot the three glowing management panels within the space to open up extra platforms. When on the subsequent Terminal within the Logistics Sector, open the door, and defeat Haroktha.

Entry the Warsat Command Nexus

On this tiny room, use the Operator increase for the management panel on the heart. Place the Operator on the open Augmentation Terminal, after which seize the Scanner from the Splicer. Hack the console in that room. After that, place the Scanner into the Terminal, and seize the Operator once more to shoot the opposite management panel on the heart. Return the Operator to the Terminal, and discover one other Scanner to hack the second console. In case you’re doing this solo, you possibly can swap between Scanner and Operator by means of the Terminal and seize the increase from the Vandals.

With the yellow room unlocked, shoot the management panel hanging from the ceiling with the Operator. Get the Scanner and hack the console close by, which opens up the transmat.

Praksis, The Defiled Boss Battle

For the boss battle, you will want to make use of the Suppressor mechanic. First, get the Suppressor increase from the Vandal on the catwalk. To make use of the Suppressor increase, stand beneath the spherical drones and injury the glowing blue, immune enemy–the drones will flip sideways and have a golden glow when activated. Then, shoot the uncovered crimson protect drones to take away the enemy protect.

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Praksis’s well being bar is split into three components. Dealing a 3rd injury to the well being bar triggers the Suppressor mechanic. One after the other, stand beneath the three spherical drones and goal Praksis. Then, shoot the uncovered crimson protect drones on the correct, left, and heart of the room to take away the Praksis’s protect for the injury phase–it’s finest to make use of one thing that offers loads of injury shortly, like a grenade launcher or rocket launcher for the reason that room will likely be flooded with red-bar enemies.

When you defeat Praksis, add the Virus to finish the mission.

The Hidden Form Quest – Shaping Revision Zero

After finishing Operation: Seraph’s Protect, go to the Exo Body on the H.E.L.M. to get the Revision Zero Unique pulse rifle. Utilizing the weapon, defeat enemies to get its Deepsight Resonance for its weapon sample.

Getting the Deepsight Resonance from Revision Zero.
Getting the Deepsight Resonance from Revision Zero.

As soon as you have collected the Revision Zero weapon sample, form it on the Mars Relic–which requires 7 Resonant Alloy, 15,000 Glimmer, and 750 Resonant Parts. Lastly, commune with the Relic Conduit to finish the hunt. To form Revision Zero Unique catalysts, you will must do the Ought to You Select to Settle for It quests in later components of the Extra Than A Weapon questline, and full the Operation: Seraph’s Protect mission on Legend mode, which caps your Energy at 1580 and locations extra modifiers.

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