Echocalypse tier record – All instances ranked from strongest to weakest



S-Tier Instances

  • Audrey
  • Pan Pan
  • Fenriru
  • Firentia
  • Horus
  • Aiken

Audrey, being an SSR supporter kind case, stands out so much as a consequence of her wonderful passive ability that will increase the assault of all allies on the board – therefore, the spot on the prime of the Echocalypse tier record.

Harboring a silence debuff on her 1st fundamental ability and a self-increase rage buff on her 2nd ability, Audrey may be very helpful in each PvE sport modes similar to principal story and Abyss. In PvP sport modes similar to Cage Combat, the silence on key targets renders the enemy case ineffective whereas Audrey can constantly cycle her burst abilities as a consequence of rage constructing.

Fenriru is a free SSR rarity case given to each participant on the seventh day since their account creation. Gamers shall be glad to listen to that Fenriru is considered probably the greatest AOE-targeted injury sellers that has one of many highest injury multipliers. Mixed along with her ease of accessibility, she is a straightforward addition to any participant’s crew composition.


A-Tier Instances

  • Vivi
  • Yulia
  • Set
  • Beam
  • Nephthys
  • Taisei
  • Fundamental Character
  • Deena
  • Levia
  • Zawa
  • Niz
  • Chiraha
  • Mori

Vivi, the SSR rarity AOE-controller case, is a good addition to any crew as a consequence of her fixed rage debuffing abilities that deplete the fad bar of the enemies. One of many prime tier picks in Cage Fights, Vivi and the immunity buffs she supplies for all allies are nice for Abyss and principal story phases as nicely. Her passive ability Prayers additionally states that each time her MAX HP falls under 30%, she has a 50% likelihood of offering the again row instances with a Crucial Hit Power buff that lasts for two turns.

Zawa is a good injury supplier who excels in crew compositions that may present her with a number of buffs. This is because of her passive ability Analyze which states that Zawa features a further 10% elevated injury per buff she has over the enemy. This will enhance as much as a most of 30%. Being a darkish wizard, Zawa has entry to some unbelievable single-targeted magical damage-dealing abilities that may steal Assault buffs from enemies.


B-Tier Instances

  • Garula
  • Wadjet
  • Kimono
  • Regina
  • Raeon
  • Stara
  • Gryph
  • Kiki
  • Taweret
  • Bastet
  • Dorothy
  • Nightingale
  • Baphomet
  • Kuri
  • Camelia

Bastet is a good case that matches the narrative of the B tier in Echocalypse tier record. She is as balanced as instances can get in Echocalypse. She has an ideal AOE-targeted damaging ability in her 2nd energetic capacity. This capacity targets all of the backline instances which makes her an prompt risk in Cage Combat. Accompanied by the Silence debuffs she brings along with her passive ability, Bastet is a good addition to any crew. Nevertheless, her low injury multipliers might be a difficulty in late-game content material the place injury expectancy is excessive from instances.

Shiyu is one other wonderful AOE-targeted injury supplier that offers magical injury to enemies caught by the projectile. In contrast to Bastet’s ability, it is a true AOE-targeted damaging ability that targets all enemies within the cubicle. Shiyu also can act as supporter as her passive ability Nirvana Ways can revive 1 lifeless ally with 30% of their most well being when she both dies or retreats from the battle.


C-Tier Instances

  • Sova
  • Nanook
  • Eriri
  • Xen
  • Babs
  • Hemetto
  • Aurora
  • Sil
  • Panther
  • Rikin
  • Katch
  • Snezhana
  • Yanling
  • Senko
  • Kurain
  • Iori
  • Parvati
  • Gura
  • Cayenne
  • Yarena

A majority of the instances on this tier are going to be SR rarity. Nanook, the free-to-play SR rarity Supporter, is probably the best choice to choose from this tier of instances. Her 2nd energetic capacity Avalance supplies a hefty defend equal to fifteen% of their very own MAX HP for all front-line instances. Nanook additional offers AOE-targeted bodily injury to her enemies on the opposing entrance line. Plus, firstly of each wave battle, Nanook features a 15% injury discount for two rounds which additional will increase her survivability and bulk.

Snezhana is one other wonderful free-to-play SR rarity injury supplier case that can be utilized in early-game crew compositions. Her 2nd capacity Value of Hostility is an AOE-targeted damage-dealing ability that offers magic injury to enemies within the opposing entrance line. This ability will go once more to break the enemy with the very best Assault. Snezhana’s passive ability Adversity Technique states that she will get a 20% injury enhance each time any ally on the cubicle is underneath a management impact of the next natures – Silent, Stun, and Freeze.


D-Tier Instances

  • Luca
  • Niko
  • Anina
  • Koyama Dosen
  • Pierrot
  • Sasha
  • Shelly
  • Valiant
  • Raven
  • Qurina
  • Sui
  • Luciferin

All the instances talked about on this tier are comparatively unhealthy. This tier constitutes all R rarity instances which have extraordinarily unhealthy stats, injury multipliers, and lacklustre talents. These instances usually are not really useful to make use of and we propose not investing your scarce assets into constructing them as they are going to be outright switched by any case in a better tier.

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