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Evil West asks a easy query: What if cowboys fought vampires? It is the sort of off-the-wall considering that will get a Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford movie greenlit, and developer Flying Wild Hog definitely will get plenty of mileage out of its whimsical idea. Set in an alternate model of Nineties America, Evil West is the Wild West at its wildest. A well-recognized backdrop of swinging-door saloons, rolling tumbleweed, and deserted gold mines are interwoven with Nikola Tesla-inspired electro-steampunk know-how and an assemblage of ravenous bloodsuckers. Evil West shines within the warmth of battle when that preliminary query will be answered, however its strengths are sometimes diminished by the dated design wrapped round them.

The story is a reasonably by-the-numbers affair, pitting a vampire-hunting group in opposition to a vampiric enemy power threatening the continental United States. You are strapped into the spur-clad boots of Jesse Rentier, a usually gruff protagonist with only a few feelings past gentle indifference. His often pragmatic response to the absurdity occurring round him is barely endearing, nevertheless it’s telling that I needed to lookup his identify earlier than writing it right here. The narrative does periodically broach some fascinating themes; as an example, one of many Highborn vampires is anxious by humanity’s ever-expanding know-how and the risk it can pose his fellow sanguisuge–but these threads by no means actually go anyplace. The one one which does revolves round a smarmy and misogynistic authorities official, but his comeuppance is not as satisfying because it deserves to be.

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Finally, these one-dimensional characters and cringeworthy dialogue replete with strained expletives are simple to disregard. The story is little greater than an automobile for its chaotic fight, propelling you from dusty city to murky swamp searching for new monstrosities to extinguish. Probably the most stunning factor about Evil West is that it is extra of a brawler than a shooter. The behind-the-back third-person perspective is harking back to the newest God of Struggle video games, letting you rise up shut and private as you pummel enemies to a bloody pulp. Jesse is supplied with a metallic gauntlet that provides further heft to every punch, whereas a charged uppercut will be utilized to launch smaller enemies into the air the place you may observe up with a cannonball strike to ship them careening right into a conveniently positioned spike lure or stack of TNT. Jessie’s melee strikes really feel suitably weighty, and the gratuitous gore that coats every enviornment in blood and crimson viscera actually sells the ability fantasy at Evil West’s core.

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Finally, the gauntlet is infused with electrical energy, additional increasing upon your repertoire with a voltaic number of new strikes. You’ll be able to pull enemies in the direction of you otherwise you to them, sending volts coursing by means of their bones and supplying you with a brief window to put waste to their helpless husks with a flurry of blows. This has twin makes use of, too, as you may latch onto distant enemies to zip away from hazard or yank one out of a pack to deal harm earlier than their buddies arrive. Most of Evil West’s problem comes from the massive variety of foes it throws at you at one time, so having this type of mobility is essential to survival, alongside the standard dodge transfer and a kick that may interrupt sure assaults. There’s additionally {an electrical} floor pound that evaporates a number of enemies without delay, and a shockwave assault that stuns a number of enemies, supplying you with a quick second of respite or the chance to give attention to a particular goal whereas the remainder are locked in place.

It is not nearly melee fisticuffs, both. Jesse remains to be packing an arsenal of lethal firearms that progressively expands all through the sport. Slightly than consistently swapping between weapons on the fly, most of those vampire-killing instruments are every assigned a button. Urgent shoot by itself will fireplace Jesse’s six-shooter revolver, whereas aiming down sights will robotically swap to a rifle for coping with long-range threats. One other button fires a fast blast from the boomstick shotgun, and there are just a few different particular weapons that I will not spoil right here. There is no ammo to gather; as an alternative, every part works on cooldowns. It is so much to recollect, however fight feels each intuitive and fluid. You’ll be able to launch an enemy into the air, use the revolver to droop them with lead–revealing Evil West’s Satan Might Cry DNA–before zapping over to a different enemy and blowing them aside with a close-range burst of buckshot. It is the kind of recreation that may profit from having a combo meter, simply to maintain observe of how proficient you’re at slaughtering every part in entrance of you, however sadly does not have one.

Evil West shines within the warmth of battle when that preliminary query will be answered, however its strengths are sometimes diminished by the dated design wrapped round them

The enemies you come up in opposition to are initially a assorted bunch, too. From leaping werewolf-like creatures and bulbous humanoids that cost at you earlier than exploding, to cumbersome shield-bearing foes with leeches for appendages and creatures that burrow underground after they’re not chucking boulders at you. Every one presents a novel problem, however additionally they have moments of weak spot when executing highly effective assaults, indicated by a glowing circle and notable chime. Taking pictures their weak level together with your rifle offers huge harm and produces an oftentimes-vital well being drop, though the sheer breadth of enemies on display screen at anyone time does result in some frustrations when attempting to execute strategies corresponding to this. It may be tough to line up a transparent shot when there’s a lot visitors in the way in which, and with a lot happening, there are some readability points with realizing when enemies are attacking from blind spots.

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Regardless of these points, Evil West is at its finest when at its most turbulent. It does not take lengthy earlier than mini-bosses are reintroduced as common enemies, turning into one other a part of the supernatural furnishings. You’ll want to make the most of every part at your disposal to outlive as you are pelted from all sides by an ever-expanding swath of monstrosities, and it is arduous to not smile when rising from one other scrap by the pores and skin of your enamel. Sadly, this sense begins to fade by the point the third act rolls round and the nicely of latest enemy sorts dries up. At this level, the sport resorts to throwing the identical acquainted combos of creatures at you time and again. There are solely so many occasions you may defeat the identical group of shielded opponents earlier than repetition units in.

A part of the issue additionally lies in Evil West’s formulaic design. Fight usually takes place inside boxed-in arenas denoted by spike traps and TNT. The boring and predictable format of those areas is not a major subject since juggling all the talents at your disposal is greater than participating sufficient, nevertheless it’s outdoors of fight the place it falters. The principle path connecting the sport’s fight arenas is marked with a glowing silver chain. You’ll be able to duck into barely-hidden facet passages to seek out cash that is used to improve weapons, however this constitutes the lightest of exploration. More often than not, you are merely transferring from one shiny object to a different, the place you may then watch Jessie climb up a ledge or squeeze by means of a niche. It often breaks from the norm, placing you in a dangerous mine cart trip or impeding your progress with a rudimentary block-pushing puzzle, however these moments are few and much between and are extremely mundane anyway. There’s one degree that presents a complete city so that you can discover as you search out and destroy just a few monster nests. It is not an particularly massive area, however its newfound freedom does make for barely extra fascinating navigation than ordinary.

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Technical shortcomings are one other nuisance that rear their ugly head. I encountered just a few glitches, together with just a few moments the place one sound impact would instantly overpower the remainder and proceed taking part in even after fight had ended. There have been additionally a few cases the place I discovered myself caught within the ground and one other the place the aiming reticle was knocked off heart, that means I needed to purpose up and to the left of a goal to hit it flush. None of those points have been game-breaking, however that is perhaps because of luck greater than something. I managed to unstick myself from the ground the primary time it occurred, and the second time was throughout a boss combat, so the ensuing cutscene saved me from being stranded there without end.


In plenty of methods, Evil West appears like a relic of the previous. It is the sort of recreation you may envision taking part in again in, say, 2010 or even perhaps earlier. This simplicity might’ve been considerably refreshing when so many fashionable video games are overly bloated by comparability, nevertheless it comes throughout like a recreation quick on aspiration. Fight is powerful, relishes in gore, and consistently delights with its weighty and satisfying motion. It stumbles into tedium in the direction of the top, although, each because of enemy oversaturation and since it is pressured to hold the load, nevertheless it’s the one facet that makes Evil West price taking part in. The remainder of the sport is formulaic and mind-numbingly boring, actively diminishing its excessive factors as you saunter from one fight enviornment to a different. I did not at all times get pleasure from my time with Evil West, however I hope a sequel is within the pipeline, if solely to see if Flying Wild Hog can increase and enhance on its promise.


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